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June 29, 2011

The Beating

Hi there. I maintain a blog at gigglingviolence.blogspot.com which I thought you might find interesting and worth looking at. Here’s a story I wrote which I thought you might enjoy:

Sexy Sadist: A Long Day at the Office
by Sweet Candy Apples

She came home from work that night, exhausted. Her feet were killing her and her briefcase felt like it weighed a ton, crammed with expense reports and file folders and who knows what else. All day long she’d been talking to clients, sitting in meetings, on the phone. And now, all she could think about was getting home, taking off her heels and letting her hair down, enjoying a glass of wine, followed by a relaxing soak in the tub. Yes… she closed her eyes in the back of the cab, a small smile spreading over her face. She was already enjoying the thought of it.

She was a tall and slender woman with olive-colored skin which off-set her green eyes in a way that caused men to stumble over their words while speaking to her. Though she knew it wasn’t just her eyes that men liked. She also had extremely large breasts beneath her business suit, and she liked to leave just the top few buttons undone to give just a hint of cleavage. She knew very well that her beauty was key to her success in the business world. She landed more contracts than her entire team put together. She was nearly at 6 figures.

But now it was time to put all that behind her and settle down for the evening. The cab driver dropped her off. She gave him a ten dollar tip and a sexy smile. He wasn’t looking at her, just at her chest. She loved the feeling.

“You very beautiful woman,” said the cab driver. “Your husband very lucky man!”

“See you next time,” she said seductively. She looked down. The poor bastard was hard as a rock! And such a tiny penis. She giggled.

When she arrived home, she unlocked the front door and opened it wide. Then dropped her briefcase with a thud! What she saw shocked her – caused her eyes to open wide and a gasp to escape her red lips!

There was mail laying on the floor! It must have fallen off the counter and was now fanned out all over the place.

“Roger!” she yelled at the top of her lungs.

Immediately, a thin, wiry balding man came running over. “Yes, honey? Yes? How was your day? Can I get you something to drink? Can I draw a bath for you? Can I do any…”

“Shut up!” She pointed at the mail on the floor. “What is this?” she yelled. “I work my goddamned ass off to provide for this household while you don’t do shit, and there’s only one thing that I ask for! Just one thing! What is that one thing I ask for, Roger?”

“Uh… a c-c-c-clean house?”

“Is even that small amount of responsibility too much for you, you pathetic little faggot wimp?!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it must have fallen…” He quickly got down and began gathering it all up.

“Well, you’re about to be sorry!”

He stopped, stricken. “No… no, please…” he said with fear. “I’m cleaning it all up, see? I’m cleaning it right now! I’ll sweep! I’ll mop! I’ll…”

“Shut your fucking mouth!” she commanded. “God! All I wanted was a nice relaxing evening and you had to ruin it!” Then she lifted her head and called out in a sing-song-y tone, “Oh, Dennis? Dennis, could you come down here, please?”

For a while there was nothing, and Roger felt relieved. Perhaps Dennis had already gone to sleep for the night… Maybe he had gone out. But then there was the sound of tremendous thuds coming down the stairs, ripples in the glasses of water on the countertop. Dennis was home.

Through the doorway there emerged a very large, very tall black man, wearing nothing except a pair of jeans. He had huge biceps and a sixpack stomach. Even his neck was muscular.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said very courteously in a deep, resonant voice. “How was your day of work?”

“I’m afraid I had a very stressful day,” she confessed, taking in his perfect form and licking her lips slightly. She could stare at his body all day long. She came over to him and began running her fingers over his large arms. “Unfortunately, my pathetic husband here has not cleaned the house thoroughly and I’m afraid he must be punished.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Dennis bowed slightly, then walked over to where Roger was cowering.

“No…. no, please!” Roger screamed, putting his hand out in front of his face. Dennis immediately began punching him over and over, spilling blood out all over the floor. He didn’t do it with rage or anger, just very matter-of-factly. There were several loud cracking sounds as Roger’s head hit the floor.

While this was happening, the woman went over to the wine rack. She couldn’t decide which she was in the mood for… Finally, she found just the right one. She poured herself a glass and sniffed at it. Mmm, yes. It smelled good.

“No, Dennis! Please, stop!” yelled her husband. “Please, for the love of God, stop!!!”

The beating continued.

She took a sip from the glass. It was a very good vintage. When she had finished drinking it, she took her hair down and let it fall past her shoulders.

Finally, Dennis stopped and stood up, breathing heavy. There was blood dripping from both of his fists. “Enough, ma’am?” he asked, cracking his neck.

“Let me see,” she said, and set the glass down. She walked over and got down on her knees.

“Please…. please…” Roger wailed. His eyes were swelling shut and his mouth was totally covered in blood.

“More,” she instructed.

“Yes, ma’am.” This time Dennis began kicking Roger in the side, which also elicited screams of pain.

The woman ran her long, slender fingers down the back of the muscular man as he commenced to the beating. There was a thin layer of perspiration developing on his skin, and she loved the way it felt. “That’s enough,” she finally said after some more time had passed. “Take me to the bedroom and make love to me.”

“Yes ma’am.” The large man hoisted her up over his shoulders and carried her off toward the bedroom.

“This place better be spic and span tomorrow morning!” she yelled at her husband as she was lifted away. “I don’t want to see any blood, you understand me?”

Roger had almost managed a response when suddenly the lights turned off and he heard a door shut. He lay his head down in a pool of blood, in the darkness, alone.

Submitted by: Candace Apples


January 6, 2011

Ordered to tell

Get your reading glasses on, this is a bit of an epic but well worth the read. Mike has been instructed to by his wife to post this account of one of his first cuckolding experiences. I hope it’s the first of many stories Mike is ‘made’ to share with us.


Hello, my name is Mike. A while back my wife posted a “true-confession” story on here. You can read that here.

I must admit that it was quite eye-opening for me, as in this post, she actually confessed to doing some things behind my back with one of her former Lovers. Yes, we are into what many are now calling the “Cuckold” lifestyle…

At the time we didn’t know, (or, more aptly put I guess, based on her “true-confession”, I didn’t know…), that’s what we were doing. I say I didn’t know because I thought we had some ground rules that we had mutually agreed upon.. But apparently we were not in entire agreement. I cannot say her true confession surprises me, as there have been lots of indicators in the years that we have been together and “playing” that things might be different than I thought. And I am embarrassed (though forced – by her ) to admit, that I find even her betrayal of me, and the lies or the things done behind my back, to be incredibly hot! Such is the lot of a truly submissive cuckold I guess…

Anyway, we have been together and playing for awhile. And we have had many adventures, some one-night-stands, and some very special friends that stayed around a bit longer. And the driving force, or so I had always thought, before I read her confession, was my submissive ‘slave’ type fantasies. Which is why I am writing right now. You see, once again we are ‘playing; and my lovely wife is my Mistress. And she, believing turnabout is fair play, has ordered me to share a story with you all, just as she has.

However she gave me a couple caveats.

1) I cannot lie or embellish
2) I must use my real name (In her story she used my real name and that of Her Lover’s Rick – though not Hers… It’s good to be in charge I suppose)
3) I must admit to whatever feeling I had during the story I relate, whether embarrassing, humiliating or not (Actually I am guessing she means especially if they are embarrassing/humiliating..)

Thank God she did not dictate what story I have to relate to you.

I am sure that after reading her true confession, some of you may want to hear more about Rick. For me, I would rather not have to go into it. Suffice it to say that though we have ‘played’ with many people through the years, and though my wife has had many “Lovers”… None were quite like Rick, I’m sorry – Master Rick – as I am forced to refer to Him. You see, He is definitely something “special”. And to be quite honest, for reasons which should be apparent from Her story and many others, He really does intimidate the hell out of me. I never worried too much about all the other Men as far as a threat to me, but Master Rick is definitely different. In many ways. Just the fact the my wife/Mistress misled me about one of the events that transpired between the two of them should show you… (And that is just the one she “confessed to”.. I am certain there are many more involving Him)

Anyway, there are several stories surrounding Master Rick, ones where even I was allowed to participate to one degree or another. However, as I said, I am sure there are many parts of these that I’m not aware of, as my Wife’s confession bears out, and She has told me many times that I ought not to talk about things I know so little about (such as sex…) And Besides, they involved some very humiliating, degrading and painful acts I indulged in as well as things I was forced to watch/witness that were very humiliating to me and that I would rather not have to confess to ,myself… So, since I was not ordered to do so, I will not. Instead, I will share a story that happened some 10 years ago with a different sort of man, but one She enjoyed many times none-the-less. I had related part of this in written form for Her, and only Her, after it first happened – which explains the narrative form.. But now, thanks to her “insistence” I must share it with you all. I hope you like it and it is not too long. It is a true account of what happened and only Her name has been changed to protect Her “innocence”.

New Lover Dana

Ring…. Ring…

She picked up the phone – the voice at the other end was deep and seductive. “Hi Lover..”, she said, her voice unable to hide the obvious excitement she felt. “I’ve missed you too! more than you can imagine.” A slight pause, then, “That would be great! See you then.” With that, the tall statuesque blonde hung up the phone, an expectant gleam in her eyes. Then those beautiful hazel/green eyes turned their attention toward me. My heart sped up. “That was my Lover” , she said pointedly. He’s on his way over… You don’t have to leave.., but you do have to make yourself less.. ‘obtrusive’…” Knowing better than to utter a single word of objection, I rose on shaky legs and retreated to the shadowy sanctuary of the hallway as my girlfriend/Mistress prepared for Her special ‘visitor’.

I should explain here that my girlfriend, Lynn, and I have a unique relationship… We are deeply in love and enjoy each other’s company a great deal. But every now and then we slip into a Mistress/slave relationship. And play out our sexual fantasies. During our most recent excursion into the realm of fantasy, Lynn decided to add a relatively new twist… A bit of humiliation… In the form of Another Man.

One night, when we were ‘playing’, after she had done her hair and made her self up to look thoroughly hot and wicked, dressed in , short cutoff jeans, heels and a very flimsy top – all of which I thought she was doing for me.. – she threw me for a loop. She commanded that we go up to the local bar.. But not together. She saw the look of surprise and apprehension in my eyes and smiled a most wicked smile. Then she grabbed my chin and looked down into my eyes, (She is 6 feet tall and about an inch taller than me, in heels she had several inches on me) With her face just inches from mine, her eyes mocking me, she looked deep into my eyes, arched her eyebrows and said in a very matter of fact tone, “I need a new lover.”

She saw my eyes widen as I swallowed hard in disbelief. Her head nodded just the tiniest bit, as if to answer my unspoken question. Knowing the effect she was having on me, she smiled smugly holding my stare, letting the moment sink in. Then, her eyes took on a slightly harder glint as she continued, her eyes boring into mine, “You see baby, I need a ‘Real Man’.“ My heart skipped a beat before she went on, her eyes piercing like daggers now, a slightly harder and accusatory edge to her voice as she went in for the ‘kill’, “One who can last a long time.” Then with a mocking smile, “Well… At least one who can last for more than thirty seconds!” she added with no small amount of disdain in her voice and on her face.

I tried to turn my face away in embarrassment and shame, but she gripped my chin harder and forced my gaze into hers. Raising her brows in feigned disbelief, she looked into my eyes and asked, “No? Have I got it wrong? Little man?” Looking into her eyes, I trembled and took a deep breath before replying. “No…” “No Mistress!” I corrected myself hastily as I saw her eyes flash at my failing to address her properly.

Much as I hated to admit it, lately, and I don’t know why, I had fallen victim to a bit of a problem with ‘premature ejaculation’. Truth be told, I had never really been the sort of man who could hold out for very long, ever. But with Lynn, I had always been even a bit shorter on the trigger, and for the last couple of years, (actually ever since we really started playing the Mistress/slave game with some ‘conviction’), I am ashamed, (but forced, quite literally actually, but more on that later), to admit that I had indeed been able to ‘hold out’ for only a very short amount of time. (though in fairness to me, I think it was more than thirty seconds.. And, in further fairness to me, Lynn is extremely hot!)

Anyway, it shamed me to have to admit this in all candor. Lynn knew this and played this to the hilt, seeming to revel in my humiliation. She let go of my face with a triumphant smile and taunted, “Mmmhmmm, Exactly!” as I looked down in shame. “So you see, baby..? You have no one to blame for this but yourself now, do you?” “No Mistress”, I mumbled, still looking down at the ground. “Good!” he said brightly, “Just so long as we are clear on that. Now, let’s go!” Still a bit unbelieving at this turn of events I grabbed my car keys and followed her out the door.

Now, we had occasionally played this type of game before. Where she would tell me that she really needed to get fucked by a Real Man and we would then go to a bar and would have a few drinks, play a few games of pool, all while she told me how hot she thought this guy or that guy was and what she would like to have him do to her. And that would be pretty much it. We would then go home and she would tell me all about what she would have done with one of the guys in the bar had she brought him home, and what I would be force to witness. But tonight everything seemed just a bit different. For starters, once we pulled into the parking lot of the bar, she did not get out of the car to go in with me. Instead, she pulled down the mirror on the visor and started adjusting her hair and makeup as she told me to go in first so I could get a good seat and “watch”. I looked at her hesitantly, uncertain, and she turned to me and said, rather impatiently, “Well.. Go on!” I obediently exited the car and left her checking herself in the mirror as walked into the bar.

Feeling very nervous, as we had never played quite like this before, I sat at the end of the bar, where I had a view of the entire place (a good seat, as she had said), ordered a beer and waited.

Fifteen minutes later I saw her saunter in. She looked stunning, as always, and I noticed that I was not the only man in the bar who appreciated her entrance. She walked right by me without so much as a glance, went up to the bar and ordered a beer. I saw several of the guys checking out her very lovely ass as she leaned against the counter waiting for her drink. Once she had her drink, she wandered over to the jukebox to play some songs. Again, as she stood at the jukebox, I noticed quite a few men admiring her charms before she went and found a booth near the pool tables

For the next couple hours, with little choice in the matter, I was forced to watch my stunning girlfriend playing the “singles” game. I sat there and watched as countless men bought her drinks , made “small talk” and tried to pick up on her. It was tormenting! Seeing her looking so hot and not being able to go over and talk with her, much less get my hands on her, and instead watching her talk with all these other guys. She would talk to them for a few short minutes and laugh or giggle at something they said, and they might motion as if asking to sit there with her or for her to play pool with them, but she would always say something and they would nod and move on. As I said, Lynn is very stunning and though there were several guys hitting on her throughout the night, none were really “her type”. So, as the evening wore on I began to relax a little and feel more at ease as I began to realize that this was pretty much like the other times. It became obvious that there was nothing more than a little harmless flirting going on and that this night was likely to end up like the rest, with Lynn and I going home together and her dominating me as she teased me about all the men she could have had.

But then, in walked Dana. And he was her “type”. Blonde, good looking, athletic with a hard muscular body and cocky as well. I had noticed him, only because she had. I saw her gaze go to the door when he walked in and turned to see what she was looking at. I saw him and felt only the slightest trepidation. Then I looked back at her and she looked back at me and smiled broadly. I felt just a bit more uneasy. It didn’t take him long at all to get a drink, size up the bar and apparently realize she was the best game going. He walked over to the table she was sitting at and struck up a conversation with her. Judging by her reactions to him, and the length of time he spent talking with her, he was blowing the competition away. She kept laughing at nearly everything he said, and kept taking quick glimpses over toward me as she would take a sip of her drink, presumably to see if I was watching. This was very different from her interactions with the other men thus far that evening, and she needn’t bothered looking. I was riveted.

Then he apparently asked her to play a game of pool with him and she agreed. He racked the balls and sat down beside her in the booth and that was when really I started to worry. And for the first time that evening it hit me that “something” might actually happen. I sat there for the next hour or so and watched them as they played. Every time she would bend over to take a shot, I noticed him blatantly checking out her ass which looked sensational in her tight, short cut-offs. I watched with growing trepidation, (and mounting butterflies in my stomach), as their flirting became more overt. They progressed from laughing and kidding touching each other on the arm or knee when a joke was told or they laughed at something said. All the time they kept sitting closer and closer to each other, leaning more toward each other as they talked, Lynn acting extremely coquettish the whole while.

Then, I could scarcely believe my eyes as he leaned over and kissed her. Tentatively at first, but when she returned his kiss, (much to my surprise!), their lips met much more passionately. My head was swimming and my stomach was doing flip-flops as I just sat there watching them kiss, more and more intensely for what seemed to last forever. (Even if I had not known her, much less been in a relationship with her, I think I would have been uncomfortable/embarrassed with the way they were kissing there in public)

At long last, after their lips reluctantly separated, Lynn looked over at me, one eyebrow arched and a very smug smile on her face. It was obvious she was checking to make sure that I had seen. Checking that I had seen what had just transpired and that I could see that she seemed very intent on going through with her ‘plan’. Oh.. I had seen. My stomach was gone and my mind was spinning.

I watched for an entire hour longer, most of the time in stunned disbelief as my girlfriend flirted with and did other things with this stranger there in the bar. Lots of other things. At one point it struck me that she was using all of the very same ‘charms’ she had used to pick up on me when we first met under similar circumstances four years ago. The same demure smile, the same adoring eyes, the same coy act, the same smoldering look of lust in her eyes that promised hours of wild abandonment and passion to (apparently) whomever they were directed at. I must admit that it was very strange to see her act the way she had acted with me the night we met, with someone else. (And here I thought I had really won her over)

Their kissing and touching became bolder and bolder as the minutes passed. They actually became a bit of a spectacle, but I didn’t really notice too much as I was so busy staring at them and their intimate ‘sharing’ myself. In fact, it became obvious that I was staring too much. It did not take him long to notice that she kept occasionally glancing over at me and that I was taking more than a passing interest in their kissing and groping between shots at the pool table. So I wasn’t really too surprised when, after one of their many long kisses, he looked over at me and then turned back to her and spoke at length. I was worried that the jig was up and wasn’t really sure what would happen.

After they had spoken for a few minutes, with her and him both looking over at me occasionally, I was very surprised to see Lynn get up and walk over toward me. But she surprised me by not walking straight up to me. Instead, she walked up next to me to the bar under the pretense of ordering a drink for him. (She did not drink Scotch, which is what she ordered). As the bar tender went to get the drink, without turning toward me she leaned only slightly toward me, still looking straight ahead and in a quiet, but taunting, tone asked me if I had been watching. I assured her I had. She still did not look at me but smiled in a very satisfied manner. Still without looking at me she quietly and coyly asked if I had seen them kissing. Again, my heart skipped a beat and I answered her meekly, “Yes”. Her smile became very smug and then she went on, almost conspiratorially, as if talking to a girlfriend. She told me how hot he thought she was. My stomach was doing flip-flops as I to tried to process this. But she didn’t give me any time. She continued on, still not looking at me. She told me that he had asked about me. (I could feel my face burning red with shame and embarrassment) I saw her look sideways at me as she paused for effect and made me wait to wonder what she had said. The smile on her face and her slight derisive laugh let me know that she had gotten the desired reaction out of me. “Don’t worry”, she said to me in a ridiculing manner, looking straight ahead again. “I’m not sure how ‘open-minded’ he is, so your dirty little secret is safe.. So far..” She smiled again as I let out an audible sigh. ”I told him you were my roommate”, she went on, the delight obvious in her voice at her downplaying my significance to her new friend. Strangely I felt a little betrayed. She seemed to notice and smiled. “Man” I thought, “she is really good at this game” but before I could continue following this line of thought she continued. Still looking straight ahead and not at me. “So. He asked me if you were just hanging around to make sure I was ok.. And I told him, ‘Yes’ I explained to him that you are very ‘protective’ of me..” she explained, rolling her eyes as she said ‘protective’. I hung my head in embarrassment at the irony.

Then her smug smile returned as she delivered the next bit of news, still looking straight ahead. “He told me to tell you to go ahead and leave. Then he will ‘take care’ of me..”, the she spared me the slightest glimpse and smiled wickedly as she said, “And I am sure he can too!” Before I could even process that, she then turned to face me full on. She looked at me, a malicious look on here face and said in a quite but very commanding tone, “So leave, bitch! Now!” I was so taken aback by this sudden change in demeanor and her words that, at first, I didn’t know what to do. But as I sat there, stunned, she fixed me with an even harsher, more commanding, mistress-like glare and repeated her command, this time with more menace in her voice, and louder. “I said, Leave bitch! Go home! I’ll call you later!” I had not expected this!. I was stunned and shocked and I am not sure I could have found the strength to react had it not been for the fact that, right as my girlfriend had ordered me home, in not so polite terms, the bar tender had returned with her drink and had heard every word. She set the drink down on the bar which is what got my attention. I looked up to see her just staring at me, her mouth open too. I was so embarrassed that I got up without even finishing my drink and left without looking back. I can only imagine what the bar tender thought about me and my girlfriend’s new ‘friend’ for that matter if he were watching. Though I was starting to get an idea what my girlfriend actually thought….

I went straight home and sat at the house, waiting. Just as my girlfriend, no Mistress, had ordered. My heart was pounding and my mind was racing, my whole body literally shaking as I relived everything I had seen and heard thus far this evening. The laughing, the talking, the touching, the kissing. Then the scene at the bar. The bar tender, hearing telling me to go home and calling me a bitch. This would have been embarrassing enough had this been any old bar, but this was one that my girlfriend and I frequented. Enough so that I was certain the bar tender recognized us as a couple who had been in there together before. And for her to hear Lynn say these words to me What am I thinking? I suddenly realized, even worse, if her, and the waitresses there recognized us as regulars, and they saw Lynn chatting up, feeling up and kissing this other Man. Oh GOD! What they must think..

Fortunately, I didn’t have to think about this for too long, for as the minutes went on and on, I found myself much more concerned about what was going on with Lynn and her new friend (Dana as I later found out) in the bar there. I mean if she was touching and rubbing and kissing him with me right there, what must she be doing with him now that she was alone? I was going crazy trying to imagine what was going one and by the time the phone rang 40 minutes later, I was a wreck. “Hello” I answered tentatively.. “Hello, bitch..” came the cool reply. Before I could say a word my Mistress went on in a low sultry voice. “He wants to fuck me so bad. “, she cooed. “He really, really wants me!” “I know..” I said meekly. Surprising myself with my sudden acceptance of the inevitability of it all. I could hear the smile in her voice at my easy surrender as she continued. “He wants me to go home with him.. “ Immediately scared, (and I am embarrassed to admit I don’t know if it was more for her safety or by what might go on between the two of them back at his place, or what I might miss), I was going to protest. But before I could utter a word she continued. “But, I’m trying to talk him into coming home with me.. So you can see what I look like when a ‘Real Man’ puts it to me” I almost swooned, I swear. Suddenly I didn’t know which was worse; them going back to his place where I couldn’t see what was going on, or her bringing him home where I had to see what was going on. Before I could decide, my Mistress cut the whole thing short by saying, “So.. either way, I’ll call you later.” And without waiting for a reply from me she hung up

The rest of the evening progressed like this. I was left to wonder which Fate was worse, and let my imagination run wild at what they might be doing in the bar and what people might be thinking about it. Every now and then she would phone me just to let me know that he still really, really wanted her and how very much she wanted him and that they had still not agreed where they would be going after they left the bar. She would always hang up before I could utter a word of protest, inquiry or otherwise.

Finally as the hour got very late and I became more and more apprehensive, I could stand it no longer. I got into our car and headed up to the bar to see what was going on. Once there I got out and looked through the front entrance of the bar as inconspicuously as I could. They were still sitting at ‘their’ booth, talking intimately, hand roaming all over each other and kissing. By now it was very late and Lynn and I both had to work the next morning so I got the brilliant idea to go to the payphone across the lot and call the bar and ask to speak with her so that I could remind her of the time. (I didn’t even stop to think of the awkwardness of this given the bar tenders overhearing of our earlier one-sided ‘conversation’.) Thankfully, just as I was dialing, I saw that Lynn and Dana came out of the bar, arm in arm. Not wanting to be noticed by my ‘Mistress’ nor her ‘friend’ I hurriedly walked to the car with my head down. As I started the car I couldn’t help but notice them walk over to his car and see him open the passenger door for her and then get in himself. Realizing they were leaving now too, I hurried to get home and ‘hide’ myself as I had no idea what to expect.

As soon as I got home I went to the backyard to hide and stay out of the way, and waited. And waited.. And waited.. And waited… Five minutes turned into 10 minutes which turned into 15 minutes.. As time passed, I realized that my Mistress had not told me whether they were going back to his place or ours. I had assumed with it being so late that he was just driving her home. But now, as it passed fifteen minutes, I was really getting worried that they had gone to his place. But then after 20 minutes, just as I was about to go into the house, a car turned onto our street and came to a stop at the end of the cul-de-sac in front of our driveway, and sat there with the engine running. I had no idea where these two had been, but I did know that it took less than two minutes to get from the bar to our house. What the hell had they been doing for the last 20 minutes? I was sure I might know. But before I could dwell on that for too long my attention was drawn back to the car in front of our driveway.

Since the car was still running, I figured that Lynn realized how late it was and was ready to call it an evening. I watched from the fence in our back yard in anticipation as I made out what must have been her form leaning over to kiss him goodnight. My heart skipped a beat as I realized she was kissing some, before tonight, stranger, goodnight. As if she had been on a date. Then, I noticed, the kiss was going on for a long time. A very long time! After a few minutes, I snuck into the driveway to get a better look at exactly what was going on. Hiding behind the car I had an excellent view into his car sitting there in the street. This turned out to be a mixed blessing. No sooner had I gotten into position, than I saw Lynn, lean her seat back and watched, stunned, as her new friend (Dana), trailed kisses down her neck. Then my heart nearly stopped again as I watched him raise her top, exposing her breasts. Then I could scarcely breathe as he took her nipples into his mouth, first one, then the other. While he was busy enjoying sucking on her breasts, she turned her head right toward me, and smiled. Wickedly. (I have no idea how she knew I was there, I thought I was well-hidden) I pulled back behind the car a little bit, but not so much I could not still see what was going on.

It wasn’t long at all before his head disappeared down further, below the level of the window in the car door. Lynn’s hands went down there too and I saw her lean her head back and moan. It didn’t take a lot of imagination to know that this man was sampling my girlfriend’s sweet treasure. I was beside myself. Unable to believe this was really happening. Then after a few minutes and more moans from my girlfriend, that I could hear all the way over where I was, I saw Dana’s head come up for air. Lynn immediately drew his head, and lips, to hers and they kissed and hugged passionately! (His chest crushing her bare breasts as their tongues obviously explored each other’s mouths). Then, (and I swear my heart must surely and truly have stopped here), I watched in total disbelief as my girlfriend’s head disappeared down into his lap! His arm and hand came down on what must have been her head and I watched as his arm rose and fell over and over.

Pretty soon I could breathe again as she came up for air and they locked in a passionate, probing kiss yet again. Shaking and trembling, I watched in complete silence and stunned disbelief as they alternated like this, kissing, hugging, groping, sucking, moaning, for a full half hour, right there in the street!! Where any of our neighbors could have seen (And apparently at least one did! But that is another story)

Finally, after what seemed for ever, Lynn gave Dana one last, very long, very passionate, very hot, goodnight kiss. Then she exited the car and ran into the house. I watched him adjust his himself and fly and drive away, then ran into the house to join her. Lynn, my girlfriend, my Mistress.

When I got in the house she was very flush with excitement. She asked me if I had ‘enjoyed the show’ because she sure had. Then she grabbed me and told me to kiss her. As soon as I started to kiss her, she opened her mouth wide, coaxing my tongue in. We kissed a long while, my tongue fully exploring her mouth. When we broke our kiss, she looked at me evilly and asked me, “So, can you taste his cock?” I looked at her incredulous but she went right on, smugly stating, “Well you should because it was just in there” I could hardly breathe. She just looked me in the eyes, taunting me, mocking me and said, “Come on bitch… Kiss the mouth that sucked his cock!” , and then planted her mouth on mine again, forcing her tongue into my mouth. Then she broke the kiss and said that it was late and we needed to get to bed. I followed her to bed in a daze.

We both undressed, I couldn’t help but notice red marks all over her where he had ‘man-handled’ her. I though we were going to go to sleep but Lynn was still in full ‘Mistress’ mode and she ordered me to lick her and suck her everywhere he had. As I did as she commanded, she recounted all that I had seen transpire in the car in front of our house, (Though it just now occurs to me she has never told me what happened in the bar after I left, nor what happened in the 20 minutes after I saw them get in the car before they showed up at the house). Still, I did not even consider this at the time as my head was still reeling from all that I had seen and her replay of what I had seen and her telling me how much she loved it, The feel of his mouth on her tits, on her pussy. The feel of his rock hard body crushed against hers. The feel of his ‘hard as steel’ cock, (Her words), in her mouth. And through it all I could see the red marks from his rough touch; smell his strong aftershave on all of her most intimate parts, She talked, I licked, and I have to admit, it turned me on tremendously.

Then, she told me, in no uncertain terms, that she had a new Lover right as she came while I licked her sweet, dripping pussy that smelled of another man’s cologne. I wanted to fuck her now in the worst way. (No pun intended) But she wouldn’t let me. Instead she ordered me to keep licking her to one more orgasm, (Most unusual for her), as she told me that I better get used to it That this was ALL I was going to get now because she was ‘saving herself’ for her Lover” I am ashamed to say that I came at that, while licking her. Much to her amusement when she found out later, and which was endless fodder for her on later dates.

Saving herself.. For Her Lover..

Which brings me to tonight. Shortly after the phone call, there was a knock on the door. I watched from the shadows as she let him in and threw her arms around him and kissed him deeply and in great earnest. They kissed for a looong time. I watched as she trailed her kisses down his suddenly exposed muscular, hard chest. She ended up on her knees. I watched intently as she eagerly opened his fly, took out his impressive, and already hard (as steel) cock and lovingly put it in her mouth. Incredibly, his cock seemed to grow even larger and harder, (I have no idea how.. maybe it was my imagination, maybe it was her incredibly talented mouth)

After a short while, I watched as he lifted her up and slowly undressed her, as if he owned her body. Once she was undressed, breathless with anticipation in her nakedness before him and his forward gaze, I watched as he showered kisses all over her body. I watched her tremble, shudder and coo at his touch. Then I watched still more as he gently lowered her to the floor, right there in the entryway of our house, and took her. As I watched him fuck her so masterfully, watched her rise up to meet him, moaning and trembling at his ‘touch’, it dawned on me. This was not the frenzied sex of a ‘one-night-stand’! No, they were making love, sweet, hot, passionate love.

I watched, and I watched, and it was very obvious that Lynn, my girlfriend, my Mistress, was totally lost in Him… As if, for her anyway, I weren’t even there. I watched as he made her come, over, and over, and over and I realized, then and there, as this Man made her come, again and again and again, as he lasted far beyond my capabilities, or even my wildest dreams… I realized that she did, indeed, have a new ‘Lover’.

Submitted by: Mike - SoCal, USA


November 14, 2010

My life as her slave

“Uhhh!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!”, it isn’t my girlfriend or my wife or a whore it’s me, ya that’s right it’s me with my girlfriends long dildo in my asshole.

She thought it would be kinky if for just one night she gets to fuck me, I of course said no at the first but she is so charming that you can’t do anything, if she wants anything she’ll get it anyhow, she cried this time, ”You don’t want me to be happy.” “You only want your pleasure you never think of Me.”, she had convinced me with only a little effort.

The next night I was blind folded and was naked then she told me to open my blindfold, I saw her standing in front of me with a long thick artificial dick tied to her waist. ”Suck it!”, she said instantly and I gave an instant reaction, ”WHAT!!” “Ya you heard me right, you make me give you blow jobs don’t you and besides I haven’t lubed it and if it isn’t lubed it would hurt you not me.” “So why don’t you use some lubricant?” “Because I want you to suck it! Now suck it.” I knelt in front of her and got started on the thing that was gonna enter my ass. I sucked it for like 2 minutes and when I was gonna take that thing off my mouth she pushed my head back in, ”Did I tell you to take that out!” What had happened to her? I was on the verge of vomiting when she released it. I asked her, Then she said, ”You know how you like me to have my make up on when we are making love?” I said yes. “So I want to put some make up on your face too.” I was like ‘WHAT!’ but knew that she would convince me so I let her put make up on me. I was looking like a slut.

”Now you are ready for some fucking you whore.” “You what!?” “Ya you ‘WHORE’ you are my whore tonight. Now stop making faces and kneel on the bed. Now go on all fours like a dog.” I did although I did not like the words she was using. “It’s gonna hurt my love and it’s gonna hurt bad.” She stretched my butt cheeks as far as she could and then slowly entered her thing in me, I suddenly felt two things that time, 1 of course the pain but the 2nd thought was just the opposite it was a feeling for which I’d never expected, it turned me on. My girlfriend was having major fun killing my ass, oh man it was painful. But it turned me on, how could that turn me on?

She knew that the whole fucking thing had turned me on. She knew that I would come to her requesting her to fuck me again, she was prepared. Two days later I went to her to ask her if she would fuck me again but she kept on refusing knowing that I was too desperate and would make a deal to make her fuck me again. The deal was ‘Femdomism’; I was made the total slave in the house. I did not make this decision only to make her fuck me, I made this decision because somehow after she fucked me I had become one slave of her already, I wanted her to rule over me which she already did but this time in a more kinky way.

She made me her total slave that very same day. The first thing I was ordered to do was to make coffee for my ma’am. (I addressed her as ma’am or madam or sometimes mistress from that day on), I remember that day; I brought coffee and was made to massage my mistress’s legs. That was the last day I ate breakfast with ma’am on the table while at home, after that day I ate all my meals while at home FROM the floor beside her boots and sometimes from her boots like a dog. Every morning she makes me lick her boot soles before we go to work and every night when she returns and I am there I get to sniff her stockings or socks, oh heaven!

A few months following the insertion of the dildo in my asshole, my girlfriend brought new tools for her pleasure, a riding crop, a cane, a pair of nipple clamps, a ball gag, a spider gag, a collar and a leash, and 2 or 3 more dildos. She used them all on me that very night. I was stripped all day long. First she caned me and cropped me the whole day just for fun then after dinner she spanked me which she did if I had messed up anything I did for her and that day it was the cleaning (she had already spanked me for fun too with her slippers or her hair brush). My ass was as red as a nose of a clown, she made me bow down to waist height and tied my hands to something and took pictures of me. She then inflicted the most pain in our whole love history, she clamped my nipples and added weight on them, it was so painful for my delicate nipples, she then tied the collar and the leash on my neck while I was moaning in pain and said, ”Now whenever we are in the house together you will always wear this collar, is that understood?” I replied as a yes of course. My moaning was irritating her so she gagged me with the ball gag. She then took more pictures of my gagged face and clamped nipples. Now she went back of my ass and inserted a brand new dildo, a lot thicker than the first one but a bit shorter on the length without lubricating it. Oh man that killed me; she fucked me with that thing for 2 minutes. She then came up front, opened the gag and pushed the new dildo in my mouth, it was so huge that I couldn’t properly suck it, she took pictures of that too. She said, ”You are not ready for this one.” She opened it leaving it in my mouth. She then came back with the first dildo which we had used the first time and made me suck that for fifteen minutes, and then she tried a new torture on me. She put that spider gag on my mouth, and then she fucked that hole for another fifteen minutes, man she was great at this.

It was a bad night. But the very next day was 31st December when we did our role reversals final part, she dressed me as a maid during the day and as sissy slut at tnight, the whole day she teased me, I got to worship her heavenly feet 5 times during the day and at night I got to worship her ass for the first time. Ma’am beat me up badly that night and then made me give her oral pleasure while my cock was in chastity, and she used a pecker penis again for her pleasure, one end in my mouth and the other into her pussy. She had sex five times with that artificial dick while I was sucking its other end. Two times she made me go back and forth while she was making noises that were turning me on but I couldn’t have sex with her. I got the reward of worshiping her ass for 2 minutes for what I did.

Now I wear bras and panties instead of vests and underwear, I get to have sex with my mistress barely 4 times a YEAR and she uses her whole stuff on me for at least 4 times a WEEK. Now even in public sometimes I have to sit beside my madams’ feet and now I have to call her ma’am everywhere. Now we are married. She once made me worship her boots in public while we were on our honeymoon in Moscow; she even took me for an early morning stroll in the streets of Moscow, I was in my bra and panties with a collar on my neck and the leash in my madams’ hands and yes I was walking like her BITCH. She fucks me, beats me, make me lick her boots but I love her and that’s what matters.

Submitted by: michale the slave


September 17, 2010

Extra-marital punishment

She repeated what she said before, “I can’t wait to fuck you”. Now inside the dimly lit motel room with the woman who I had had a previous extra-marital fling with about a year ago. She broke it off at the time saying she wasn’t sure if she was really into me… She seemed slightly different this time though, more aloof, less forth-coming. But with those words, I felt confident again. I had passed the test. She wanted me once more. I pulled her close to me and kissed her hard, my hands fondling her ass cheeks the way I knew she liked. She let me do it. But her body did not respond the way it used to. Gradually, she pulled back. “Sweetie, lay down and let me rub your back”. She always gave the most amazing back rubs. They truly felt great. And with her hands wandering wherever they pleased, they always ended with great sex.

I took of my tee shirt and started to remove my underpants. With her hand on my wrist, she said “leave them on, I think they’re hot”. After a pause, I laid down on the bed, face down. She rubbed my back for a few minutes and I started to relax again. She was laying beside me and kissing my ear gently. “Wait here a minute, don’t move. I’ll be right back.”

She left the room and returned with a gym bag. Coming over to me and lying beside me again, she said, “Close your eyes, i have some surprises”. I did. After a few minutes, I felt her hands tying a rope around my ankles. I knew we were going to get a bit kinky. I also knew I’d look like a total wimp if I objected. So I let her tie me caressing my ankles and my hands. Her touch was gentle. The whole time she scratched my back tenderly and cooed. She was so into it and I was anticipating it more and more.

When she was done, she went to the gym bag again. My anticipation started to turn to concern when I saw her put on a strap-on. Our sex life had always had a kinky element, including some light bondage, but this was nothing we had discussed. “I thought we were going to fuck”, It was a lame protest but it was all I could come up with. “Oh baby, I never said that. I said I can’t wait to fuck you, that’s different”.

She came around in front of me. Her tone was very different. It was still sweet and sultry, but somehow less accommodating. “You might want to make this wet”, she said staring directly into my eyes. I did not like where this was going. After I recaptured my composer, I said “I don’t want to do this”, as gently as I could. She laughed. I had never seen that laugh. It wasn’t particularly mean or threatening. It was the laugh one gave a child who threatened to run away. “Suit yourself”, she finally said. She laid on top of me, her arms looped under my chest and gripping my shoulders. Slowly she began pushing into me. It hurt. I began to buck and twist. She held on tight and she laughed again. She laughed like someone on one of those bar-room broncos. Enjoying the thrill of nearly being thrown off.

Eventually I got tired, as I stopped moving she cooed and caressed me some more. “Shhh”, she said, “that’s right, relax”. There was a moment of calm and I tried to catch my breath. Then, without warning she made one strong final thrust and entered me. Pain, is not the right word. It was more like burning. With each of her movements I felt myself on fire. “It will hurt less if you relax”, she said. I tried. It did hurt less but it still burned. After a few more minutes of thrusting, she said, “Are you sure you don’t want to make it wet, it’ll feel much better”. Sensing the chance for some relief, I said ok. She let out a soft giggle. “Oh baby, you can do better than that. How about, ‘Please let me suck your cock’?”. She emphasized her demand with several particularly hard thrusts. I said it. She made me say it again “with more conviction”. Tears were in my eyes at this point. The burning was getting more intense and I started to wonder about permanent damage. Finally, she gave a smug laugh and came around in front of me and offered her cock to me mouth. “If I were you, I’d make it real wet”. Still remembering the pain from before, I took her cock in my mouth and did my best to make it wet. Then there was a flash. I looked up to see her cell phone over my head. I’m sure the picture was a classic. Me, with a huge strap on in my mouth.

What she said next terrified me. She said it slowly, emphasizing each number. It was my wife’s cell phone number. The implication was clear. She could send that picture directly to my wife’s cell phone. “Now baby”, she started, “I enjoy a good wrestling match when I’m in the mood. And trust me, we’re going to have some of those. But right now, I want you to cooperate completely. I want you to be my perfect little slut. I’m going to fuck you until I’m bored with it. Your going to tell me how much you love it. Is that OK with you?” A rush of emotions flooded over me. Anger, fear and yes, excitement. Finally I was able to say, “Yes, I’ll do what you want”. “Good baby, I’m going to have fun tonight. But this is just the beginning. We’re going to have a long exciting relationship now that the ground rules are established”.

With that she got back on top of me and pushed gently inside me. I did my best to relax and the burning subsided. I knew it was going to be a very long night.

Submitted by: Mike


August 11, 2010

Teacher Training

i hope that all subs out there can be happy for me today. Today is the day and date that have changed my life. Two things have happened to me today, and a fortnight today will be the third that makes the well known saying “Three tries for a Welshman.” i am a Welshman, but i’m also a fuck-boy. Let me introduce myself, and in doing so, hopefully the reason for my euphoria will become clear.

As a soon to be 30 newly qualified teacher (NQT), i was told today that i will be kept on next year as a permanent member of the staff of the small Junior school where i teach in south Wales. In a fortnight, i will have completed my probationary year, and can call myself a fully qualified teacher. i was told this news today by my mentor, the deputy head teacher at a staff meeting at morning break. My mentor also happens to be my Mistress, and when i got home from school this afternoon, there was a text message on my mobile telling me that She had decided to put our relationship on a more formal footing. In effect, i was told that i now belong to Her. I have a fortnight to “mull things over” as Her text put it. Now any teacher will tell you that a fortnight consists of fourteen days. i needed one point four nano-seconds to make up my mind. i’ve always been a fast muller. i respectfully texted Her back and asked permission to enter into Her Presence. My orders came back almost immediately, and i have just returned home after a session which i will describe later. Let me tell you how i found myself in my present position.

i left school with seven grade A GCSE passes and three A levels in Welsh (A); History (B) and Music (C). i could not get into University with these grades, so i joined the National Westminster Bank, where i spent almost six miserable years trying to get my till book to balance. Eventually the penny dropped. Banking was not for me. The only good thing to have come out of my time there was a realisation that i earned enough money to pay a two-monthly visit to a very strict pro-Dom who broke me in gently at first, but with increasing severity. By the time i had decided to quit and study for a degree as a mature student, i considered myself to be a genuine sub pain slut. How little i knew!

My four years in Uni. (3 as an under-grad. 1 post grad to get my teaching certificate) saw me almost permanently broke and unable to afford a good spanking. But good fortune was just around the corner. On my second teaching practice, i was sent to a small village Junior school, where i taught year 5 in the deputy head teacher’s class. From the moment that i saw Her, i was under Her spell, although i did not know, of course that this magnificent Woman held my destiny in Her hands.

Miss Bowen, as i was told to address Her, gave me a hard-on every time She spoke to me. i don’t think that i mentioned that i have a preference for mature Women, and that is exactly what She was! i judged Her to be about 45 - 50. She is in fact going to be 59 in December. Her gorgeous red hair is shoulder length and i have been given permission to describe Her figure as “remarkable for a Woman of Her age”. Her full lips are always immaculately lipsticked a bright scarlet, which together with Her pale blue eye shadow above Her sparkling blue eyes have the ability to make me want to give myself to Her completely. During a staff night out, i mentioned that the gap between Her two front teeth brought to mind Chaucer’s Wife of Bath, but unfortunately, She knew the story as well as i did, and i had forgotten that this character was a wanton slut who had been married five times! However, nothing was said at the time, although much later on, Her retribution was both harsh and lengthy.

i settled down into my teaching practice well, even if i say it myself. i worked hard and took every opportunity to ask Miss Bowen’s advice, usually spending a delicious half-hour of the dinner break in Her company whilst She pointed out shortcomings in my written teaching plans and/or my practical lessons. my twelve weeks sped by, and during the last but one week there, the then deputy head teacher, the only man permanently on the staff was appointed as head teacher at a school several miles away, leaving a vacancy where i was. i asked Miss Bowen if She thought that i had any chance if i applied for the job when it was advertised, and to my delight, She told me that by the time that came about, She hoped to have secured the deputy headship for Herself. If that was to be the case, i was told, She would put in a strong case for my appointment. i left the school at the end of my teaching practice and for the rest of my year in college, which included another teaching practice at a huge Primary school in Swansea, (alas, no-one at all similar to Miss Bowen on the staff.) i went back to my campus flat one night to find a letter informing me that a job was to be advertised at a certain school. The letter contained an application form, and having filled it in, i eventually got an interview where once again the sight of Miss Bowen gave me an almost painful hard-on. Despite this, i got the job, and started in the school in September. To my delight, Miss Bowen, true to Her word and now the deputy head teacher became my mentor. All NQT’s have a mentor during their first, probationary year, but i bet not many NQT’s go home and wank themselves sore thinking about serving their mentor as i did!

The beginning of my life change began at the time of the staff Christmas party, which we celebrated at a vey nice country club a fortnight before the end of term. i have never been much of a drinker, and i was determined to be on my best behaviour in front of my new colleagues. Apart from one Female teacher who is younger than I am, all my colleagues are either about my age or younger. Having replaced the only male member of staff, i found myself in great demand when the cabaret had finished and the dancing started. i hoped to be able to dance with Miss Bowen, but She rebuffed my offer with a scornful look, and returned to Her task of trying to drain the establishment dry of brandy and soda.On my return to our table, i needed to pee and it so happened that i was on my way out at the same time as Miss Bowen. i opened the door to the foyer and She went out without acknowleging me. Forgetting my throbbing bladder, i followed her outside, and by the time i got outside, She was smoking, something that She never did in school. As She caught me looking at Her, She licked Her still perfectly lipsticked lips before sucking deeply on her cigarette and exhaling the smoke distainfully in my direction through her nostrils. i know that the sight gave me such a thrill that i actually grabbed hold of my prick because i thought that such a sight had made me cum in my pants. i hadn’t, but my action hadn’t been missed either, and i caught Miss Bowen’s thoughtful enigmatic smile as She turned away to finish Her smoke in peace. i went back in to piss, but ended up in the cubicle wanking furiously. By the time i got back inside, Miss Bowen was seated again and as i sat down, She said quietly, “I hope you washed your hands, young man!” i blushed furiously, and even though the room was too dark for Her to see my discomfort, i knew that She knew what i had been doing.

Eventually it was time to go home. Most of my colleagues were drunk to a greater or lesser degree. As i stood in the carpark waiting for the mini-bus i couldn’t say that i was looking forward to the journey home. Three quarters of an hour in a cold, smelly mini-bus (the only one that was available due to the fact that we had left the arrangements for the staff Christmas night out too late) did not appeal. And now they were all in the toilet together. Why do some Women take so long to have a piss and get their coats, i remember thinking to myself.

Suddenly i was aware of Miss Bowen standing next to me. She winked at me and slurred, “Give us a kiss!” i was terrified! i wanted nothing more than to take her in my arms and taste Her. i wanted Her to fuck my mouth with Her tongue. But could i trust myself to be content with such a kiss? Might i not try and touch Her beautiful tits, or rub my throbbing prick into her cunt area. i decided that i couldn’t trust myself, and gave Her a chaste peck at the corner of Her mouth, daring to slip my tongue against those beautiful lips. As i pulled away, i realised that She was quite drunk, and had not, as i had hoped, fancied Her chances with me.

The journey home was as bad as i’d feared and not even a pre-sleep wank as i struggled to recall every detail of our “kiss” was really satisfactory. Following an almost sleepless night, i got up on Saturday determined to put things right. By ten o’clock i was knocking at Miss Bowen’s door. She answered, looking every inch as if She had gone to bed at ten not having drunk a drop.

“Oh, it’s you,” She said before i had a chance to open my mouth. “I wondered how long it would take you to come around. Come in. I have visitors at the moment, but they are on the point of leaving. Don’t mention last night until they’ve gone.” She turned on Her heel and went inside, leaving me to follow Her into the sitting room of Her small semi-detached house.

i was greeted by the sight of a young lady standing with her back to me in the far corner of the room. Seated on the leather settee was, to my surprise, the head mistress of the Infant school that fed our Junior school. The fact that this Woman lived openly as a lesbian with a much younger companion was testament to Her ability as a teacher to overcome the prejudices that still remain, i fear, in many small Welsh communities. The attitude of calling Her names behind Her back, but being perfectly charming to Her face is still widespread. Anyway, i must have shown my shock, because Miss Bowen clicked Her fingers at me and pointed to a small armchair without a word. i sat as directed listening to Her say “This is ieuan, Nancy. he joined the staff in September when Martyn left. I have mentioned him, haven’t I?”

Nancy Simpson’s “Oh yes!” spoke volumes, i thought, as she got to Her feet and embraced Miss Bowen warmly. “We’ll see you soon, Myra,” She said and turning to the young lady Her voice changed. “Come along, Susan! Don’t dawdle, you slovenly girl!” They went out and as Miss Bowen returned alone i got to my feet.

“i want to appologise for last night,” i began, rushing the words out before i became too frightened to carry on. “i realise that what i am about to say may well be the end of my career not only in the school, but as a teacher altogether. You see…”

“Shut up and sit down,” commanded Miss Bowen in a voice that i had never heard before, but which i have come to love. “You are a submissive who wanks at the thought of me. I know, I’ve smelled the spunk on you. Aren’t you lucky that I am a Dominant Bitch who is looking for a fuck-boy. You will be that fuck-boy, and I amgoing to train you to my satisfaction. You subs are all the same with your pathetic wanking and worshipping glances. At least you passed the test last night. If you’d come anywhere near me with that stiff prick last night, I’d have ripped it off and chocked you with it!”

“Now listen. This is how we are going to do things from now on!”

i sat and listened for almost an hour. Then as ordered i stripped naked and pulled at my prick until it stood stiff and proud away from my flat stomach. Miss Bowen reached over and cupped my balls in Her hands. She looked at me and squeezed gently, causing me to squirm uncomfortably.

“These are fucking pathetic,” She said disdainfully. “How many times a week do you wank?” She continued, tugging hard at my balls when i did not answer quickly enough.

“At least once a day, Mistress,” i said eventually, causing Her to twist and sqeeze my balls really hard.

“I didn’t give you permission to call me Mistress,” she said quietly. “I think that whenever you are in My Presence from now on, you will adddress Me as Aunt Myra. I am about to become your strict Aunt, and believe you me, I’ll punish you if you don’t come up to my expectations!”

i thanked Aunt Myra and following Her instructions to give Her details of my life as a sub, She pushed me away and settled down to listen. It took all of ten minutes, at the end of which, Aunt Myra stood up and beckoned for me to follow Her. We went into Her study where She presented me with a set of rules, which i read and immediately agrreed to. These are my ten commandments, and i’ll post them up at a future date. Aunt Myra has told me that any Dom who wishes to add to my list of commandments is welcome to do so.

As i come to the end of my first effort, i need to report that this year has flown, not only in the classroom, but in the bedroom too! Aunt Myra has been very patient with me, building up my ability to take the cane, Her slipper, the crop and a very nasty wooden paddle. My nipples are regularly clamped and Aunt Myra is working to stretch them with a view to putting rings in them. She has also mentioned locking my prick to my balls via two hoops, one through my prick head and the other in my taint. When i asked what my taint was, She replied that it is the area behind my balls and in front of my arsehole. As She so daintily put it, “It’s called a taint because it ain’t cock and balls and it ain’t arsehole!” i look forward to being locked up for Her.

Talking about arseholes, i cannot finish without mentioning the special treatment that i am so lucky to receive from Aunt Myra. As well as keeping my arse cheeks well bruised and striped, Aunt Myra is training me to be a proper fuck-boy. i have graduated from butt beads and butt plugs to being the recipiant of Aunt’s vibrating dildo. i am, of course, forbidden to wank as and when i please now, and when i am milked either on orders from Her or by Aunt Myra Herself, my spunk always ends up in the same place - in my mouth. my preferred method of tasting my own spunk is either to lap it out of Aunt Myra’s glistening and freshly fucked cunt, or to open my mouth and accept it as She dribbls it from Her mouth into mine. Such treats need to be paid for, of course, and i am inevitably dismissed from Her Presence with a plugged arsehole and throbbing cheeks.

But i love Her for deigning to punish me, i cannot wait for the long sumer holidays, when “by coincidence” Miss Bowen and i have both booked a visit to the U S of A. i am hoping that the land of the free does not include owned slaves, because this one just doesn’t want to be free!

Deepest thanks to Aunt Myra for Her patience, strictness and training. i go to bed, Aunt Myra, plugged and gagged as ordered, and the taste and aroma of You fills my unworthy mouth and nostrils as i drift off into sleep with only You on my mind.

Nos da Aunt Myra.

fuck-boy ieuan


July 1, 2010

Business Trip Games

Cherida a hotwife from London writes in.


Having stumbled across this site and read a few of the true stories I felt compelled to write myself. I am in my early 50s and am happily married with a grown up family now moved out of the house and living on their own. This transition has opened up our lives too, which has happened over the last couple of years or so.

In the early years of marriage we were very compatible, adventurous even and rather spontaneous which all made for a happy life, kids come along and things have to change a bit. Husband worked hard and I did too once the kids were old enough. Now though, we have a new found freedom and a lot more experience. We had an unspoken about but known sense that each of us had from time to time had the odd dalliance with someone, nothing serious just the satisfying of lust, for me it had been with 2 different bosses. For my husband it was with a colleague or two, I have never bothered to enquire. For me the experiences were developed and enhanced from working in a fairly male dominated environment which has led me to hold my own in a firm and assertive way. This has I suppose filtered through into my private life gradually over the years and it was on an early occasion about 2 years ago while enjoying our new found freedom that I discovered that my assertiveness turned my husband on, one thing has led to another and the assertiveness has developed into dominance.

Having set the general scene of our progression I’ll skip the detail of the last 18 months, though there have been some fun and interesting moments along the way and move onto the more recent and the now. My husband is an exec in a large organisation, he travels a lot and so we spend time apart. Modern technology being what it is we now keep in touch via the internet and skype video phone while he is away, we have two separate accounts so that we can contact each other with his being on his laptop and voice only via his mobile, little techy that he is.

About three maybe four months ago, while in my dominatrix mode I had him search the internet for a suitable companion to visit me while he was away. We met 3 guys in all, after some suitable vetting each came in turn to the house to meet me. During these meets it was my husbands task to be available, to be seen but not heard. For one of our guests this was all too much to handle and quickly left. The reality was more than his fantasy thoughts could deal with….. wimp. The second and third were much more up to speed and relished in the whole scenario. On each occasion my husband waited upon us and observed, assisted when required to and sat quietly in the corner when told to. nothing much happened at these first meetings safe to say we satisfied ourselves that we wanted more.

After the first meetings I discussed each of the two potential companions with my husband, when I say discussed, it was more a case of me telling him how I felt about them and what I really desired, making him agree to allowing me to indulge in my fantasies as and when I choose.

SO it was another business trip was coming up and off he went, only to Europe this time and only for 2 days and a scheduled 1 night stop over. I decreed that he should stay an extra night and use the time to go shopping and buy me something interesting. It was a Thursday morning when he left, I had intercepted his bag before he left leaving him a note and a pair of my panties on top in the hope that he would be stopped at airport security, he wasn’t but the fun was there anyway. The note told him to make sure he was online at 8 pm london time.

Bang on time, he was there. I am sure his anticipation was high but all I did was tease and chat telling him to make sure he was online same time tomorrow. I have learnt that anticipation is wonderful tool and can create the most erotic of thoughts and fantasies merely by creating the time delay.

The next evening exactly on time there he was, online and eager to please. I soon let him see that I had arranged for companion No.1 to come over. For the next two hours I made him sit in his hotel room with a book on his head and his hands on his knees, thus rendering him unable to move. The deal was that if he did move and or the book fell off I would shut the connection down. He did manage to sit there motionless and watch as I played and enjoyed being played with, again and again. For me the thrill was more than twice the fun as I had my husband gagging for me more than 2000 miles away, while I had a stallion of a young man fucking me in every way he could think of and all the while we were on screen.

The culmination for my husband that evening was my stallion man bringing the camera in very close between my legs so my husband could see me all wet and sticky with cum having been well used. Then a lovely finishing shot while I had my mouth full and garbling the words good night to him.

The next morning I had a flurry of text messages from my husband telling me how he was gagging to get home and wild horses wouldn’t be able too hold him back. oooooooou how lovely I thought after 30 years of marriage, though I had other ideas. As he was boarding the plane I sent him a text thinking he would either get it before the flight took off and then suffer all through the flight or get it upon arrival and feel the power of my restraining him. I told him that before he came home he had to go to a car park quite near our house and call me on my mobile, thus not knowing where I was. This returning from a business trip being a regular thing I knew barring delays, within half an hour exactly what time to expect him. Right on time he called, I let the phone ring a few times and then answered. I didn’t say anything, I just let him listen. It didn’t take him long to realise that I was with our companion friend number 2. He listened without saying anything. Then I told him to go home, come up to our bedroom and wait for me.

He did exactly as I told him to, he got home and was in our bedroom in a flash. True to my word he waited for me, and he waited ……….as Mr. bull companion and I fucked and played on the bed in front of him. While we did so I gave him the odd command which led him to stand there naked, with I must say a very hard and impressive cock as I had seen in ages. Mr Bull and I continued our fornication and he too ended in shooting his load and filling me with his own massive orgasm. Then pulling back I laid spread out on the bed, head propped on the pillows and then let my husband come closer and closer and watch as our friends cum dripped and dribbled out of me. Standing alongside the bed I was able to reach out and grab his hard cock all wet and slippy itself from the amount of precum of his anticipation. As I squeezed him I told him to clean me. He hesitated having never done it before, but a harder squeeze reassured him that his cock was going nowhere unless he did. Once he had done an adequate job, I stopped him. As i wanted there to be some cum for him to have to fuck me through. I talked to him and told him so which raised his erotic thoughts to new heights, while watching his face contort with excitement as I talked to him. “Though one last thing, before you push your cock into me” I said and having prearranged it, “you need to clean his cock first”.

What a wonderful sight that was, seeing him poised on all fours hovering over me desperately wanting to thrust his cock into me through all this hot slippery spunk but poleaxed by the thought of having to lick, suck and clean the cock that did it. His face inches away from mine was now separated by a slightly limp but by no means incapable cock covered in cum and my own juices. “Clean!” I said as I pushed myself up to meet his cock, “or no fuck for you”

In a frenzied moment he licked and sucked and plunged into me gasping, moaning and cumming all at the same time…… best cum he’d ever had he was to tell me later. Though having cum so quickly I had the opportunity to make use of the not so in capable limp cock which soon became very hard again and managed to fill me a second time, necessitating in a complete repeat performance and so completing a new way to end a business trip.

Now my husband gets off on watching me being fucked and with our 2 special friends, who have now both met each other as well, which created a very special evening for me we all have a lot of fun. I make my husband go and watch us on his computer, as if he is watching a porn movie. then when we are all done and guests have gone I let him come to me and he has to serve me and tend me, which has further developed into me now punishing him with a riding crop for allowing me to do it, before letting him lick me clean.

It always leads to me enjoying him fuck me too as he has the most intense cums which ultimately please me no end knowing that I have controlled and created them.

Quite where this will all lead I am not sure but the journey is a very erotic one, a wonderful learning curve and an immense stimulant. I have grown to love putting the red lines across his ass.

Submitted by: Cherida - UK


June 18, 2010

Our new Marriage

Hi everybody, my name is Melanie, I’m 31 years old and from England, that’s England as in the UK. I’m a dyed blonde, slim, (one of my pastimes is jogging) and I’m 5 foot 9 inches tall in UK measurements, that’s quite tall. I’ve been happily married to my husband Tom for seven years and we have no children – yet. By that I mean I might, but he unfortunately won’t.

The two big differences between Tom and I are that he has a very low sex drive and mine is very high. The other difference is that he is a complete wimp and submissive and I’m dominant. Until recently that was a big problem for me, but not anymore. We used to argue a lot and fight but now there are no problems anymore. There are only two rules in our house; when I click my fingers he kneels and is silent and when I speak he instantly obeys me. It’s saved our marriage and made us both happy.

I’ve always suspected Tom was submissive and weak. Some of my dirty laundry used to go missing for a day or so, (he liked smelling my dirty sperm stained panties). I have had affairs throughout our marriage and just by coincidence, whenever I came back home after sex, (I rarely insist on a condom, I’m on the pill) and put my stained panties in the laundry basket, they’d disappear for a while. Recently after a big argument, he stormed out to work and forgot to log off of his computer. Surprise, surprise, his computer was full of dominatrix and cuckold sites. I had a good look through, liked what I saw and decided that was the way we should be.

That evening, I dressed up in a mini skirt, no knickers, high heels and a white blouse. We sat down, he was still sulking, (but not for long), had dinner and I told him I had something to say. I asked him to come over to me and when he was standing right in front of me I told him the marriage wasn’t working and did he want to try it my way? He said, “what way is that”? I said, “the way we both really want it to be”. You could see in his face he looked sort of hoping. I stood up, pulled up my skirt to my waist and sat back down again and opened my legs. I don’t shave and although I’m dyed blonde, between my legs I’m naturally dark and quite bushy. I looked up at him, he sort of swallowed a bit and I clicked my fingers and said, “Kneel before me, I’m serious”. He did, with no argument and no having to repeat myself. I pressed his face against my fanny, told him I loved him but also told him about the way life was going to be from now on. I could say we discussed it, but we didn’t. I spoke and he listened and was only allowed to answer my questions. It turns out he knew I was having affairs, (he didn’t mind at all), owned up to licking and sniffing my stained panties when another man had come inside me and wanted to worship me but didn’t know how to say it to me for all the time we’d been married! I explained my two rules to him, the ‘clicking my fingers’ and ‘speaking’. We decided on my new private name, ‘Angel’, it goes well with being worshipped and the one for him? ‘You’, as in, hey you come here!

I finished off that evening by squatting over his face and slowly peeing in his open mouth, like a toilet. While I was doing that I told him his erect 4½” cock was no longer any use to me but that I would occasionally wank him off if he was lucky. I told him about my latest affair, George from my part time work. I didn’t miss out any details. The 10” cock, (lucky me), twice a week after work in the back of his car and letting him always finish inside me. Tom was OK with everything I said and I told him he’d be meeting George soon. When he asked why, I told him our bed was more comfortable and I’d let him watch me being raped. Tom isn’t bi or gay, but he could help by holding my legs open, cleaning up the sticky mess afterwards and bringing us cups of coffee and stuff like that. He was a bit hesitant at that, but a quick hard slap on his face and a click of my fingers made everything OK. Yes, Tom got a wank that night from me and as an extra treat, I masturbated myself and came in his mouth.

Our marriage is now perfect; in public we’re Mr and Mrs, in private my word is obeyed instantly. I’ve toilet trained Tom as well. We have an upstairs bathroom, why walk all the way up the stairs when I can use Tom as my toilet. Even having a poo is different. He wipes me with a tissue and then cleans anything remaining up perfectly with his tongue.

Since this letter, George has visited us at home several times. He found it odd at first but now doesn’t mind. Tom just calls him ‘Sir’, but they both get on OK, even though we both humiliate Tom a bit. We all enjoy it. The problem now is I want to be pregnant, without George knowing, but having to order Tom to agree and having to deceive George about me taking the contraceptive pill. Even an Angel like me has everyday problems.

If you want me to go on and tell you about me trying to get pregnant and about my life, I’m happy to do so.

Submitted by: Melanie - UK


May 12, 2010

My New Life

My first blog so here goes: My girlfriend now wife have been together for over 20 yrs, we touched on latex fetishwear kinks in the early days, then with the changes in life that family and work commitments create, settled down to a vanilla marriage which suited us perfectly at the time. About 2yrs ago my wife began to show her domme side, normally in foreplay by squeezing my balls, or digging her nails into my cock and balls, forcing me to “go downtown” (which i love!). Sometimes I would resist on purpose which resulted in her squeezing my throat in her forearm or pulling into position by my hair, and then more recently slapping my face. Whilst in one of these initial sessions I asked her what should I call her, to which she replied “Mistress”. This idea of having a domme wife had been in the back of my mind as a fantasy, but I never imagined it could lead to this.

I discovered what my kind, well brought up and sweet wife was really like. I’m unsure what the catalyst was, but I think it started in a particularly long pussy worshipping session. She named me pussyslave thereafter, and I worshipped her pussy and ass up to five times a night. She then specified that I was to pleasure her orally every morning. I started waking up before her and woke her up by pushing my head between her thighs. The morning routine then started to contain piss play after I mentioned to her that I was willing to take all of her fluids. As we have a doorless walk in shower she pissed on me for the first time after a long night of oral pleasuring. I tried to drink all of the warm yellow wine which to be honest was hard to keep up with the spurts shooting out of her fabulous pussy. I can remember shaking in anticipation and afterwards. We discussed using a funnel for the weekend session which we duly tried, God how humiliating, I remember her saying she could see the humility in my eyes as she straddled my naked body. We kept this body worship marathon up for 2 weeks before realising it was wearing us out and, especially as I was finishing work on the dot, driving home at breakneck speed to pleasure my mistress, now known as Mistress Dark. She started spanking me, slapping my face harder and more regular. Around the house I found myself doing more things for her and even letting her sit in my groove in the settee with the remote control!

I am a typical blokey guy, work in car trade, drive fast Japanese turbocharged sports car, like a beer with the lads etc, but for the first time ever found myself writing a 2 page letter to my my mistress telling her how I really felt about her since we had started experimenting with bdsm. I felt a bit soppy when I gave it to her, but her reaction surprised me. We discussed our marriage and found that we both were happier than ever before as we had made time for each other and she liked the idea of owning a slave and sextoy.

She told me about her kinks and for the first time ever went to a sex shop where she chose the films she liked. The bank account started to look empty as we purchased a collar and cuff set and leather spanker ,and after discussion, strap on x2, various pvc outfits for Mistress, thigh boots, butt plug with lockable harness and also cb3000 chastity device. I explained to her that I would show my commitment to her by wearing the cb3000, she said she liked the idea of me being locked in it with her as the keyholder and denying me orgasm gave her a greater level of power exchange. The first time I wore the “device” as we call it was for 1 day, then 3, now building up to 4, as I am currently in lockdown until Sunday. However it has not been without the odd chafage sore and cut but as Mistress says “practice makes perfect!” Most nights my slave uniform is a lockable collar with leash which Mistress has around her wrist and ankle and wrist cuffs which can be clipped together if she is trying to sleep and my hands are wandering!

We seem to have settled down to a less frantic pace with intense sessions most nights for 2 hours or so followed by body worship every morning unless Mistress is running late for work, we even managed to have a “Freaky Friday” off work together which was painful and pleasurable for all the right reasons. God how time flies when you’re bound and spanked!

Mistress seems to derive great pleasure in fucking me with her strap on, she looks magnificent with it on and I’m also called her “bitch” when she is in this sort of mood. Am now in training with plugs and lockable harnesses to allow her to penetrate me more and harder as she says the whole role reversal theme makes her feel even more powerful. She has made me suck her cock after using it in me and applied lipstick to me for this purpose when I asked her. I hoped she would feminise me completely to be her bitch on odd evenings, strange you may say for a blokey guy, I just find women’s clothes more exciting and the fabrics sexier, fetish pvc or mans denim jeans what would u choose! So far my transvestite kink is limited to bra, stockings and suspender belt which she bought me and boy do I feel a whore wearing it especially as she penetrates me.

We watch various porn trailers and clips together and she has started making me cum then smearing it on my face and wiping on my teeth normally followed by “go clean yourself up!”. In fact from an early part in our bdsm relationship if I came when I shouldn’t have I had to taste my bitter cum as I licked it up from whatever surface I had just defiled.

I find myself enjoying pleasing her non sexually too, most evenings I massage her and apply body lotion to her, normally followed by foot worship. In fact if I forget the lotion bottle normally gets flung on the bed to remind me of my place!

We know this sort of lifestyle may not suit everyone but don’t knock it until you have tried it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my wife had such a domme side, our relationship is stronger than ever and agree no 3rd party involvement will keep it this way. With a family etc it is impractical to be domme/slave 24/7 but with racy text messages and discussing our next step/kinks it is easy to keep in the mode.

Our next steps may be to visit local fetish bazaar or even a fetish club,but we are really looking forward to a weekend away soon which I will post up ,the only problem is the suitcase with the kinky gear in is much bigger than the one with the normal clothes in!!

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings love Pussyslave-property of Mistress Dark xxx


December 24, 2009

Why a sub?

As a mature man, I can’t say I completely understand why I still find pleasure in being a slave to women, but I have to confess that just the thought has always given me intense sexual arousal. I guess I have always felt awed in the presence of a pretty woman but never felt I knew how to please her. That is probably why I get the greatest arousal when a woman takes control and ownership of my body and through a regime of humiliation, rewards and punishments, instructs me on how she wants me to please her.

It is an unexplainable paradox for me that I feel the most manly when I am kneeling naked in front of a woman with my ass burning from the punishment she just gave me and I am kissing and caressing her feet in gratitude.

My question to the dominant women in the group is, what attracts you to be a dominant? Is it simply the power over men (or women), is it erotic, or is it something else? If you do find it sexually arousing, is it visual (like seeing a naked man in an awkward state of arousal or his bright red ass), sensual (enjoying the sub licking your toes or feeling him squirm on your lap as you paddle him) or again something else? Is the experience the same with female subs as it is with male subs?

Finally, what would you say, in your opinion, would be the attributes of the perfect male subordinate? What would be the scenario of the best short term session and for the best long term relationship with a male sub? Would it be different with a female sub?

Submitted by: Guy10


November 14, 2009

Girls Abusing Guys

Here’s a picture update from Girls Abuse Guys.

Daniel goes to see his bank manager because he needs a loan for a new business selling sex toys. Manager Renata looks at his business plan but isn’t impressed. Daniel is desparate though and starts showing her the fantastic sex toys he is going to sell. He shows her a strap-on which he says is the best on the market and Renata’s eyes light up. She calls her assistant Natali in and then tells Daniel that if he can take the strap-on up his ass from both of them then she will give him the loan. As he is desperate he agrees and the girls strip him naked before getting him on all fours. Natali tries the strap-on first and Renata holds his asshole open as she slides it inside. The girls laugh as they take turns to fuck him. Natali finds a second strap-on in Daniel’s bag and they spit roast him while laughing their heads off. They then turn him over and Renata fucks him again while Natali wanks his cock until he spunks on her hand.

Girls Abuse Guys

Girls Abuse Guys

Girls Abuse Guys

Girls Abuse Guys

Girls Abuse Guys

Girls Abuse Guys

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